Who We Are

Step Inside The Box is a fitness apparel brand focused on bringing innovative designs and high-quality t-shirts to the workout community.

About Step Inside The Box

  • Simply put, we sell t-shirts 
  • We’re a small company (you could say an army of one)
  • Based out of Long Island, New York
  • And we’ve just opened our doors website

Our Shirts

  • Tri-blend fabrication
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Comfortable, but functional
  • Contemporary fit
  • Textured look

Our Designs

  • Relatable (but you'll be the judge of that)
  • Workout-focused
  • Simple, yet meaningful
  • Tough, yet picturesque

Our Customers

  • Workout aficionados
  • CrossFitters
  • Fitness warriors
  • Weekend warriors
  • Athletes
  • People who like comfortable t-shirts
  • People who like to look good

Our Core Values

  • Work hard
  • Always try to improve
  • Keep going until you succeed

Facts about the company

  • The Name: My mom came up with the company name while watching the TV show, Scandal
  • The Logo: After many different logo designs, my sister came up with the idea to use a gorilla
    • Gorillas are incredibly intelligent and remarkably strong (at least six-times stronger than humans)
    • It looks badass


To read a letter from the founder of Step Inside The Box, click here